At the CMC Arrey Alella Hotel we are 100% committed to sustainability

We offer high-quality Mediterranean cuisine, made with seasonal products. At the hotel we are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, and we are committed to reducing the impact that our hotel generates on the environment.

BIOSPHERE Certification

Biosphere Certification is a voluntary and independent certification system for sustainable tourism.  This certification is framed in the principles of sustainability and constant improvement and focuses on the present and future of sustainable tourism.

As the years go by and the new generations enter the productive sectors, it is observed that the tourism sector is increasingly concerned about its health and favoring those options that contribute most to the health of the planet, local development and the well-being of all the people involved.

With an eye on the UN’s goals for 2030, and with the intention of developing sustainable tourism that takes advantage of natural resources without any risk, that preserves and enhances the indigenous cultural identity and that boosts the global economy, the Biosphere Certification has been created.